WordPress Hosting

Investing in a good web host is vital to running a successful website.

Maintaining a server can be overwhelming. Whether this is ensuring your theme, plugins and PHP versions are all update and conflict free, knowing if you have the enough RAM, bandwidth and disk space, figuring out why your site is slow or fixing issues when your site goes down.

Remove all the stress and let me manage your hosting for you.

Why Good Hosting Matters?

Top quality hosting is vital for any website. If your site is frequently down or takes ages to load, people won't want to visit it.

There are a lot of webhosts out there that offer incredibly cheap hosting. Unfortunately it usually comes at the expense of slow speeds, lack of features and poor support.

All my sites are hosted through WPEngine and Dreamhost. They charge more than your average host but this is because they provide exceptional support, top performance, speed, security and loads of important extras including backups, staging sites, security, SSL certificates and control over the servers.

Removing the Hassle.

It can be a nightmare when your site goes down! If you contact your host you can wait hours for a reply only to find out they can't help you with your issue.

Remove all the hassle and let me handle all of this for you. If there's an issue with your server I'll speak with the webhost to resolve it. If the theme or a plugin needs adjusting to accomodate the latest PHP update I'll get this sorted. Basically anything that goes wrong with the server I'll fix for you efficiently and quickly.

How Much Does It Cost?

Spending very little on hosting probably means you're going to get a poor server which will ultimately effect your business. You get what you pay for.

I recommend spending around £300 a year on hosting. Prices will vary depending your needs but you're typically looking at £25 a month. Remember you're not only paying for hosting but someone who manages the entire site on your server.

Moving Hosts Doesn't Have To Be A Pain.

If you already have a website hosted with another company it can be a major inconveniece moving everything to a new host.

I also offer the option of moving your site from your old host to my server. This includes setting up the new server, associating your domain with the new nameservers, transferring your files to new server, setting up WordPress site on the new server and importing all your data.

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