WPBakery Page Builder

The Ultimate Reviewer comes bundled with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. While you can use Ultimate Reviewer without this plugin in the form of shortcode, it is not recommended as the default review templates will not work.

Installing WPBakery Page Builder

If you do not have the WPBakery Page Builder plugin installed do the following:

Step 1: Go to Appearance > Install Plugins.

Step 2: Click the Install or Activate button below the “WPBakery Page Builder” name.

Update Through Theme

When a new WPBakery Page Builder plugin update is released you will need to wait until the Ultimate Reviewer update is available which will include the updated version of this plugin. To update the plugin do the following:

Step 1: First you need to update the Ultimate Reviewer as described in the Updating The Plugin section.

Step 2: Now go to Appearance > Install Plugins, find the WPBakery Page Builder and click Update.

Automatic Updates

If you want to automatically update the plugin you will need to purchase the WPBakery Page Builder plugin separately in order to obtain a purchase code.