Version 2.11.7 (23-May-22)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.9.0
  • Update: Added valid email error message option for comment form
  • Fix: Comment ratings below min or above max were not checked prior to comment being processed
  • Fix: Invalid email addresses did not invalidate comment submission
  • Fix: Comments appeared to be successfully posted when required name and email comment fields were left empty

Version 2.11.6 (10-Apr-22)

  • Fix: AggregateRating schema would generate an error if loaded with 0 ratings

Version 2.11.5 (25-Mar-22)

  • Fix: Decimals were not working for rating values
  • Fix: E_COMPILE_ERROR when comment form used more than once per page
  • Fix: Elementor errors/notices were being generated by latest Elementor update

Version 2.11.4 (07-Mar-22)

  • Fix: Elementor editor element search not working
  • Fix: Error generated on Comments list and Review Lists page when showing ratings

Version 2.11.3 (06-Jan-22)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.8.0

Version 2.11.2 (06-Dec-21)

  • Fix: Custom field column titles not displayed in horizontal grid format
  • Fix: Some text not translatable

Version 2.11.1 (16-Aug-21)

  • Fix: Order items by user ratings in descending order with decimals still not working

Version 2.11.1 (16-Aug-21)

  • Fix: Order items by user ratings in descending order with decimals still not working

Version 2.11 (15-Aug-21)

  • Update: WPBakery Page Builder updated to v6.7.0
  • Fix: Order items by site/user ratings with decimals not working
  • Fix: Automatic inserted review templates based on categories/tags not working with non-latin characters
  • Fix: Automatic inserted review templates showing on categories with some themes
  • Fix: User ratings being rounded without any decimal places
  • Fix: When using custom review button links page builder link options not working

Version 2.10.1 (28-Jun-21)

  • Fix: Fixed conditional theme options PHP notices

Version 2.10 (24-Jun-21)

  • Update: Can now set minimum character length for comment text area
  • Update: Can now sort reviews by least number of votes (posts with 0 user votes still show)
  • Update: Can now set the image to the side or above on mobile devices

Version 2.9 (04-May-21)

  • Fix: Default review template now installed when using Elementor
  • Fix: Review templates post types enabled for Elementor by default
  • Fix: Automatic review template insertion by post category and tags now working correctly
  • Fix: Improvements to responsive styling of Reviews List element

Version 2.8.6 (10-Mar-21)

  • Fix: RTL styling fixes

Version 2.8.5 (08-Mar-21)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.6.0

Version 2.8.4 (08-Feb-21)

  • Fix: First criterion box background colour option now working
  • Fix: Bars rating style now display in Elementor editor
  • Fix: FontAwesome no longer deregistered in Elementor to prevent other themes/plugins conflict

Version 2.8.3 (25-Jan-21)

  • Fix: Comments awaiting approval no longer shown when filtering comments
  • Fix: Review List element with pagination disabled no longer tries to load another page of posts

Version 2.8.2 (12-Jan-21)

  • Fix: Multiple taxonomy terms now working in Reviews List element
  • Fix: Framework fixes

Version 2.8.1 (01-Jan-21)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.5
  • Update: Added moderated/disallowed words support to comment review title field
  • Fix: Fixed issue with rating icons not displaying in Elementor editor in WordPress 5.6

Version 2.8 (19-Nov-20)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.4.2
  • Update: Added filters to add different schema typed on different pages
  • Update: Added pagination support to Review Lists
  • Update: Added styling options for Reviews Lists post title, meta and excerpt text
  • Fix: Comments template no longer overwritten by WooCommerce
  • Fix: Fixed comment pagination styling
  • Fix: Fixed issue with verifying comment ratings
  • Fix: Fixed issue where normal replies still showing review title field and add rating field with some themes
  • Fix: Custom icons now working in rating summary average
  • Fix: Ratings now shown in Elementor preview for Reviews List
  • Fix: Fixed issues with gallery slider image uploading

Version 2.7 (16-Oct-20)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.4.1
  • Update: Added support for custom taxonomies in Review Lists
  • Update: Improved efficiency of the rating data is added to posts
  • Fix: Fixed undefined variable notice
  • Fix: Renaming criterion fields no longer causes previous criterion fields data to be lost
  • Fix: Minor styling fixes

Version (10-Sep-20)

  • Update: Added option to reimport Elementor templates from Ultimate Reviewer > Settings > Advanced

Version 2.6.4 (31-Aug-20)

  • Tweak: Added import settings confirmation message on Theme Options page
  • Fixed: Fixed jQuery error when editing page via Elementor

Version 2.6.3 (28-Aug-20)

  • Tweak: Google web font families and variants now loaded from within theme to prevent them not showing
  • Fix: Updated alpha colour picker jQuery to fix WordPress 5.5 conflict

Version 2.6.2 (26-Aug-20)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.3.0

Version 2.6.1 (17-Jul-20)

  • Fix: Stars now shown again in Show Rating and Add User Rating Elementor previews
  • Fix: Submit Button display option now hidden when adding multi criteria
  • Fix: Can now only set maximum percentage values to 100 in Elementor options
  • Fix: Fixed styling issue with custom image ratings
  • Fix: Fixed PHP 7.4+ errors

Version 2.6 (18-Jun-20)

  • Fix: Fixed conditional settings showing when they shouldn’t
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect comment rating styling applied to first comment posted
  • Fix: Correct user vote count and user sum now returned when comment edited in backend
  • Fix: Correct average user rating returned when removing comment rating in backend or deleting comment
  • Fix: Name and email fields now allowed to be empty when posting comment
  • Fix: Fixed rich snippet author name
  • Fix: Fixed issues with rating text values not displaying in comments and User Reviews widget
  • Fix: HTML tags now parsed in comment widget text

Version (22-May-20)

  • Fix: HTML tags now output correctly in comment text

Version 2.5.4 (12-May-20)

  • Fix: Comment ratings and average user rating now updated when editing comment ratings from backend
  • Fix: Comment now shown dynamically when no other comments posted in Aardvark theme
  • Fix: Comments that have their rating removed switched back to standard comment type
  • Fix: Disabling review template on individual post/page working again

Version 2.5.3 (04-May-20)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.2
  • Fix: Fixed issue with specific user roles selection not working

Version 2.5.2 (17-Apr-20)

  • Fix: Prefixed custom Elementor widget names so they do not conflict with default widgets
  • Fix: Framework fixes

Version 2.5.1 (03-Apr-20)

  • Fix: Review Settings box now hidden on unselected post types
  • Fix: Fixed 502 error on certain pages

Version 2.5 (20-Mar-20)

  • Update: Can now use comment rich snippets when comment summary is disabled
  • Update: Can specify rich snippets type for individual and aggregate ratings
  • Update: Added option to remove rating fields in comment replies
  • Update: Added option to disable replies for review comments
  • Update: Added option to remove review comments from specific posts/pages
  • Tweak: Fixed vc_set_as_theme filter so setting can be overwritten
  • Fix: Can now unselect all post types and user role checkboxes
  • Fix: Posts with old review data now show auto inserted review templates without needing to resave posts
  • Fix: User rating icons now showing in Elementor editor
  • Fix: Ajax errors shown when name/email comment fields are empty
  • Fix: Ajax comments now returning comment ID
  • Fix: Added missing review textarea title option
  • Fix: Comment form shown again after replying to comment with ajax
  • Fix: Fixed undefined variable issue

Version 2.4.1 (13-Feb-20)

  • Fix: Theme option values no longer translated
  • Fix: Fixed integer issue with mb_strlen function

Version 2.4 (11-Feb-20)

  • Update: Can now remove “Customer Reviews” title on comments page
  • Tweak: Improved recommended and optional plugin information
  • Tweak: Added filter to disable TGM plugin activation class
  • Fix: Comment ratings displaying on backend comments page again
  • Fix: Fixed fatal error when deleting comments on some servers
  • Fix: Rating stars now showing in Elementor editor
  • Fix: Order comments by “Most Helpful” (up votes) now working

Version 2.3 (07-Jan-20)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.1
  • Update: Added ability to filter results in comparison table and review lists by rating range
  • Fix: Fixed issue with multiple criteria not showing in backend on imported Elementor templates
  • Fix: Fixed issue with frontend comparison table ajax sorting not working
  • Fix: Review template post type check boxes working again
  • Fix: Fix issued where criteria wasn’t being pulled from Elementor Show Rating element

Version 2.2.1 (11-Dec-19)

  • Fix: Fixed error when saving settings page

Version 2.2 (25-Nov-19)

  • Update: Add the ability to display average user rating breakdown of each criteria in Show Rating element
  • Fix: Fixed user rating ordering in Review Lists element
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect rating text and user votes values
  • Fix: Removed Title element from Posts/Pages WPB Review tab
  • Fix: Fix fatal error on frontend when Elementor enabled

Version 2.1 (14-Nov-19)

  • Tweak: Improvements to options framework – conditional option display
  • Fix: Better version checking for database updates

Version 2.0.2 (04-Nov-19)

  • Fix: Fixed error when both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor are not enabled
  • Fix: Fixed minor styling issue

Version 2.0.1 (01-Nov-19)

  • Fix: Auto inserted elementor review templates now displaying correctly
  • Fix: Fixed issue with page URL framework function

Version 2.0 (31-Oct-19)

  • Update: Can now build review templates using Elementor instead of WPBakery Page Builder
  • Update: Added more options to control rating text styling in elements
  • Update: New Review Templates column showing which templates are automatically inserted into post types
  • Update: Added nofollow and new window options to WPBakery Page Builder Review Button element
  • Update: Added A-Z alphabetical ordering option
  • Update: Added Title review element
  • Tweak: Improvements to FontAwesome 5 support
  • Fix: Fixed issue with older Review Templates not showing when automatically inserted
  • Fix: Gutenberg files only load when block editor enabled
  • Fix: Comment border colour option working again
  • Fix: Can now see more than templates on Review Templates page
  • Fix: Fixed conflict with other plugins using the_content filter
  • Fix: Framework fixes

Version 1.6.2 (16-Sep-19)

  • Fix: Theme database updates no longer run on new installations
  • Fix: Fixed error with row_classes having too few arguments
  • Fix: Fixed issue with foreign characters affecting criteria
  • Fix: If Google web fonts API down, current font selection will not be removed when saving options

Version 1.6.1 (20-Aug-19)

  • Tweak: User sum and user votes data now pulled from data attribute
  • Fix: Errors hidden when comment successfully sent
  • Fix: Framework improvements

Version 1.6 (07-Aug-19)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.0.5
  • Update: Rating summary/breakdown updated dynamically via ajax
  • Tweak: Improved comment form styling compatibility with other themes
  • Tweak: Added function exists check to comment template function
  • Tweak: Added color rgba support to many styling field
  • Tweak: Added filter to change comment type
  • Fix: Fixed comment filtering by user rating
  • Fix: Backend comment list loading CSS file again
  • Fix: Rating summary/breakdown now shows when comment has no comments
  • Fix: Hide comment summary/breakdown on posts/pages with comments disable
  • Fix: Option to disable comment up/down votes now working again
  • Fix: Deleting individual comments now correctly updates average user rating

Version 1.5/1.5.1 (17-Jul-19)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.0.4
  • Update: Added option to enable FontAwesome 5
  • Update: Added secondary ordering of user ratings by user votes
  • Update: Dynamic updating of average user rating in comment form and Add User Rating element
  • Update: Added rgba support to color gradient option
  • Fix: Fixed issue with styling option fields not working when translating option text
  • Fix: User sorting of comparison tables working again
  • Fix: Plugin option dropdown values now displaying selected value
  • Fix: Fixed other framework issues

Version 1.4.4 (25-Jun-19)

  • Fix: Backend site rating values no longer rounded to whole number
  • Fix: Fix issue with unchecking all multi checkboxes checks all boxes again
  • Fix: Fixed undefined variable fraction notice
  • Fix: Auto inserted templates working again
  • Fix: First criteria show again

Version 1.4.3 (18-Jun-19)

  • Update: Added decimal points option
  • Tweak: Sanitized theme framework data
  • Fix: Fixed RTL styling for gauge ratings 
  • Fix: Fixed issue with empty multi text boxes being created when saving post
  • Fix: Comment ratings now working again

Version (13-Jun-19)

  • Fix: Fixed issue with site rating not displaying

Version 1.4.2 (12-Jun-19)

  • Fix: Fixed issue with single site rating values being changed

Version 1.4.1 (07-Jun-19)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v6.0.3
  • Update: Added criteria weights to site ratings
  • Update: Framework improvements
  • Fix: Fixed issues with user rating weights
  • Fix: Average ratings now rounded to 1 decimal place

Version 1.3.2 (04-Apr-19)

  • Fix: Comment form no longer hidden if review support is disabled and item already rated
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect use of Plural/singular user votes label in certain circumstances
  • Fix: Fixed issues with automatically inserting multiple review templates
  • Fix: Empty rating stars not shown in comment reply text
  • Fix: Comment reply link now hidden if no comments are allowed
  • Fix: Comment rating breakdown no longer affected by review template user ratings

Version 1.3.1 (22-Mar-19)

  • Tweak: Review lists now more mobile friendly
  • Fix: Fixed sorting issue in Review Lists elements (please reselect the Sort value you have selected)
  • Fix: Multiple post/page IDs not working in Review Lists element, Comparison Table element and User Reviews widget
  • Fix: Fixed issue with Image element set as background image not displaying
  • Fix: Unchecking all checkboxes in a group now working

Version 1.3 (07-Mar-19)

  • Update: Added the ability to show average of multi criteria ratings in User Reviews widget
  • Update: Added image source option to Review Lists element
  • Update: Added option to add ratings over thumbnail in Review Lists element
  • Tweak: Changes element title to use h2 tag instead of div tag
  • Fix: User Reviews widget no longer showing pending comments
  • Fix: Fixed FontAwesome files loading in backend
  • Fix: Fixed issue with multi ratings in comment form not saving
  • Fix: Ajax comment styling now working
  • Fix: Fixed issue with duplicate metabox fields when using Aardvark theme
  • Fix: Fixed issues with various styling issues not working

Version 1.2 (20-Feb-19)

  • Update: Updated WPBakery Page Builder to v5.7
  • Tweak: Replaced &$this with $this
  • Fix: Fixed issue with comment filtering giving 400 error
  • Fix: Fixed issue with comment filtering returning incorrect content
  • Fix: Comment breakdown average settings working again
  • Fix:  Fixed error when Gutenberg editor not enabled
  • Fix: Fixed gpur_avatar_comment_types error
  • Fix: Fixed incompatibility issues with Aardvark 3.0
  • Fix: Fixed issue with default content setup upon plugin activation

Version 1.1 (06-Feb-19)

  • Update: Added Review List element
  • Update: Added ranking numbers option to Comparison Table element
  • Update: Added ability to add custom fields to Comparison Table element
  • Update: Added options to automatically display templates on specific posts/pages
  • Update: All Gutenberg Review Templates block
  • Tweak: Improvements to settings framework
  • Fix: Stability improvements
  • Fix: Fixed issue with edit post/page redirected to review template
  • Fix: Metaboxes now work properly in Gutenberg editor