Template Editor Basics

What Is A Template Editor?

The Template Editor allows you to create your own templates for headers, footers, page layouts, post loops and popups. Traditionally these templates would be generated in PHP files and the only way to edit them would be through limited theme options and a code editor. With the Template Editor you can easily build your templates using the Elementor drag and drop builder and then display them under specific conditions, e.g. only display a specific page layout for the search page or only show a popup on your contact page.

Default Templates

The theme comes installed with default templates which you can edit from GhostPool Core > Template Editor. These templates are automatically assigned to the appropriate pages which you can access from GhostPool Core > Settings > Templates. You can edit the default templates or delete them and create your own.

Importing Templates

You can also import demos from GhostPool Core > Import Demos which come with their own set of templates.