Site Settings

To access the site settings go to GhostPool Core > Site Settings.

Design System Settings

This section allows to create global colors and fonts which can then be assigned to different parts of the site or elements. For example if you set your global primary color to red you can assign this global color to buttons across your site. If in the future you change this global primary color to yellow your buttons would also change to yellow. This means so you don’t need to change the colour of each button manually.

Theme Style Settings

This section allows you to change the appearance of the theme including, typography, buttons, images, form fields and widgets.


This section allows you to change the main settings of your site.

Taxonomies Settings

The Taxonomies tab allows you to customize what items are show in your search results.

Redirects Settings

The Redirects tab has the following settings:

  • Overwrite the existing login, lost password and register page URLs across your site.
  • Redirect logged out users from accessing the frontend and backend site, exclude specific pages and URLs from this redirect.
  • Set up a homepage only shown to logged in users – the logged out user homepage is set from Settings > Reading.

End Points Settings

The End Points tab allows you create custom end points. Endpoints are appended to your page URLs. For example if you create a custom end point called “previews” any page URL can now be appended with “previews” e.g.

You can then assign different templates to the page based on their end point from the Template settings tab.

Endpoints can also be used with the Advanced Tabs element so clicking on a tab will load the end point relative to the page you are on.

Custom Sidebar Settings

The Custom Sidebar tab allows you create custom sidebars which will then appear under Appearance > Widgets.

You can then display these sidebars using the Sidebar element.

Custom Code Settings

The Custom Code tab allows to add custom code to your site, including Google Adsense/Analytics code, custom CSS and JavaScript code.