Version 1.4

  • Update: Checkmark now shows next to imported demos (only works on demos imported after this change)
  • Update: Added search box to Magzine > Reviews page
  • Update: Added before and after title text options for Post Title element
  • Update: Added Contact Us page to Customer Review demo
  • Tweak: Only show WPForm styling options if using base and form styling WPForm option
  • Tweak: Improved consistency with hover/focus tab options on elements
  • Fix: News Ticker marquee scrolling off page on mobile devices in Tech Review demo
  • Fix: FontAwesome icons not showing on certain elements

Version 1.3

  • Update: Added Affiliates element
  • Update: Trending element renamed to News Ticker
  • Update: Added new slide animation to News Ticker (Trending) element
  • Update: Added offset option to Items, Slider, News Ticker (Trending) elements
  • Update: Added focus input field styling to Search Form and Search Button elements
  • Update: Add new Gutenberg block to load section templates
  • Update: Added avatar to Post Meta element
  • Update: Can now set column widths for individual items in columns
  • Update: Can now change the item template for specific items in Items element e.g. to add custom design for specific post or add advertisement
  • Tweak: FontAwesome fonts no longer loaded when not used
  • Tweak: Added more spacing around Gutenberg text editor
  • Fix: Error generated when saving profiles in backend
  • Fix: Current page not excluded in Items element on homepage
  • Fix: Dark overlay hover effect not working correctly
  • Fix: User ratings not being calculated correctly when using Add Rating element within page
  • Fix: Can still click on stars after adding rating

Version 1.2.1

  • Fix: Could not preview unpublished posts, pages and templates
  • Fix: Gutenberg errors generated when theme deactivated and plugin activated
  • Fix: Notice to update plugin to latest version not working

Version 1.2

  • Update: Added new user profile field to verify user
  • Update: Verify icon can be displayed in Comments and Show Comments elements
  • Update: Added option to not require review title, rating and good/bad points be filled in when submitting comment
  • Update: Message to login now shown in Comments element when user doesn’t have the correct user role to post
  • Tweak: Login form now redirects to the homepage when no custom redirect is set
  • Fix: Deleting comments doesn’t remove rating from posts average user rating
  • Fix: Images set to height of parent container not shown when selecting next page
  • Fix: When changing attribute name terms did not transfer to new attribute
  • Fix: Terms were not deleted when attribute was deleted
  • Fix: PHP 8 error when adding and editing comments with ratings
  • Fix: Items element set to load items from current query generated error when selecting next page in PHP 8
  • Fix: Show Comments element had redundant Format option

Version 1.1

  • Update: Added new Customer Review demo to Importer
  • Update: Updated LayerSlider to v6.11.8
  • Update: Added new Show Comments element
  • Update: Added new Google Maps element with the ability to display location data from custom fields
  • Update: Added new font icons to choose from
  • Update: Added ability to edit existing attributes
  • Update: Added options to only show specific post types and subtypes in search results (Magzine > Settings > Taxonomies)
  • Update: Added option to add before/after text to user votes in Show Rating element
  • Update: Added option show/hide comment count title in Comments element
  • Update: Added options to style initial comment and replies separately in Comments element
  • Update: Added “No Comments Found Label” option to Comments element
  • Tweak: Added validation check to good/bad points comment fields
  • Tweak: Whole form hidden after post submission
  • Fix: Could not post reply to comment when good/bad points fields used
  • Fix: Comment form was not hidden if multiple comments disabled and user has a comment
  • Fix: Items element individual grid item styling used mobile styling on tablet devices
  • Fix: Author Info element author name wasn’t linking to profile and showing incorrect name in some cases
  • Fix: WPForms styling issues
  • Fix: Unicode characters were shown for post meta dividers sometimes
  • Fix: Post submission form did not create posts when using multi ratings

Version 1.0.2

  • Update: Theme now requires PHP 7.3 and above instead of PHP 7.4 to install theme

Version 1.0.1

  • Fix: Theme website templates post type not supported by WPML
  • Fix: Custom field text field not shown when selected in Featured Item element
  • Tweak: Permalink rewrite rules automatically flushed after installing theme and importing demos