Posts Element

The Posts element displays posts, pages and custom post types in a variety of ways.

Using The Element

Step 1: Create or edit and a page and click the Backend Editor button.

Step 2: Click the Add Element button to open the Add Element window and select the Posts element.

Step 3: This will insert the element into the page and open up the Posts Settings window where you can choose how the element looks and what content it should display.

Step 4: Click Save Changes when you’re finished.

Displaying Posts From Specific Categories

Step 1: To display posts from a specific category go to Posts > Categories and create a new category called “Blog” for example – take note of the category slug e.g. “blog”. Now add the posts you want to show in the element to this category.

Step 2: Go back to the page with the Posts element, hover over the element and click the green pencil icon to open the Posts Settings window again.

Step 3: Add the category slug to the Categories text box e.g. “blog” and then click Save Changes. To add multiple categories separate each category slug with a comma.

Displaying Specific Pages

Step 1: To display specific pages, hover over the Posts element and click the green pencil icon to open the Posts Settings window.

Step 2: Add the page IDs to the Page IDs text box e.g. “34,78,92”.

Step 3: Check the page checkbox under the Post Types option and click Save Changes.