Before You Submit A Ticket

Before you submit a support ticket please try the following three steps to diagnose your issue. In most cases this usually fixes the problem or at least makes it much easier for us to solve them.

1. Latest Version Of Theme And Plugins

Please update to the latest version of the Aardvark theme and included plugins as this will likely fix your theme issues. We will not look at any issues if you haven’t updated the theme and packaged plugins.

The latest version of this theme is shown in the changelog. To find out what version you are using go to your dashboard and click¬†Aardvark > Theme Setup where you’ll find the version number.

To update the theme see Updating The Theme and to update the included plugins see Updating The Plugins.

2. Deactivate All Plugins

If the theme and plugin updates doesn’t resolve the issue disable all activated plugins (except the plugins that are needed to test the issues). If this fixes your issues this means the theme is not causing the issue. Reactivate the plugins one by one or in groups so you can identify which plugins are causing the problem.

3. Switch Themes

If deactivating all plugins doesn’t resolve the issue, activate the default Twenty Seventeen theme. If your site has visitors you can use the Theme Test Drive plugin so your users don’t see the theme you’ve switched to.

If the issues still occur this means the theme is not causing the issue and this is probably a general WordPress or server issue. You will need to contact WordPress support, your web host or hire a developer to fix your issues.

If this issue is being not caused by a plugin and only occurs on this theme please open a support ticket.